About us

We are a small family bakery, which has been on the local market since 1989. Some time ago we started making our own natural treats.

Privately we are love all animals. At the moment we take care of dogs, cats and a horse.

It is for our horse Lopez specifically that we created our special recipe for. We also developed the production process of our natural treats and named them after him. The Bites were well-received at the stable and so we had the idea to sell the treats to others as well, so that other horses could enjoy them as well.

Lopez is a horse-professor, the eldest in the stable and the biggest sweet tooth. He is the reason the treats were created in the first place. We wanted to provide him with healthy, natural treats that could easily fit into any pocket without creating wet stains (like the juice of cut apples, carrots and beets). Our market lacked such things, that’s why we made them ourselves.